Drive savings with single-use virtual accounts.

Join the top online travel agencies that are experiencing savings with our precision virtual payment solutions, and you will be able to:

  • Set precise controls for payment authorizations
  • Streamline and automate payment reconciliation
  • Earn revenue on payments processed
  • Enjoy no-cost, straightforward integration with existing systems
  • Reduce incidence of fraud and disputes

Save time, increase efficiency, gain global access

By adopting our virtual solution, travel industry professionals can overcome the challenges generated by settlement procedures, pre-authorisations, and charge backs.

  • Save time — create travel-booking payments and apply authorisation controls in real time
  • Increase efficiency — pay for a collection of bookings or invoices and append the payment detail to your remittance advice
  • Get global access — pay suppliers or commissions to partners in a domestic market or across international borders

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